Popular Destinations in Bhutan

Chele La

Situated at an elevation of 13000 ft, the Chele La is the highest road pass in Bhutan. Its spectacular views and diverse flora and fauna are a treat to the eyes.


Located between Thimpu and Punakha, Dochula is a mountain pass amidst the snow-capped mountains of Bhutan. It has 108 memorial stupas.

Haa Valley

Being one of the most unexplored regions of Bhutan, the Haa Valley enjoys a pristine forest environment. It is a great spot for hiking and mountain biking.


Paro is known for the Takstang Monastery and the national museum, Ta Dzong. The town's broad valleys, pristine rivers, and rice fields add to its charm.

Phobijikha Valley

The Phobijikha Valley is a picturesque U-shaped valley known for its biodiversity and culture. Every winter, the valley becomes home to black-necked cranes.


Phuntsholing is a colorful border town of Bhutan offering breathtaking panoramic views and thrilling opportunities for trekking.


Situated in the Himalayas of Bhutan, the city of Punakha is known for its age-old fortress, Punakha Dzong, which is built at the confluence of two rivers.


Thimpu is the most urbanized city in Bhutan with restaurants and nightclubs. But it keeps the culture alive in its festivals and monasteries.

Tiger's Nest

Tiger's Nest, also known as Taktsang Monastery, is one of the most prominent sites in Bhutan. It is built on a mountain slope and is held sacred by Buddhists.

Things to do in Bhutan

Mountain Cycling

The Haa Valley is one of the many valleys in Bhutan offering opportunities for Mountain Cycling. The views and the terrain make the experience thrilling.


Since Bhutan is home to beautiful valleys, majestic mountains, and dense forests, many travelers visit the country just to enjoy a good trekking experience.

Water Sports

Bhutan has many crystal clear rivers like Wang Chhu and Kuri Chuu. So activities like River Rafting and Kayaking have gained tremendous popularity.

Our Popular Tours in Bhutan

About Bhutan

With spectacular peaks and pristine lakes, the country of Bhutan enthrals its visitors, invoking in them a feeling of calmness and serenity. The country features innumerable locations which offer magnificent panoramic views, leaving you wondering all your life as to which one was best. The Buddhist Monasteries add a spiritual touch to the region and without them, Bhutan wouldn’t be Bhutan. And finally, biking on the winding mountain passes of Bhutan is certainly an experience of a lifetime.

Vibrant Valleys

The huge valleys of Bhutan like the Phobjikha Valley or the Haa Valley are carpeted with lush greenery which is only interrupted by quaint houses or sparkling lakes. The environment is picturesque and the atmosphere, soulful.

Ravishing Roads

The smooth winding roads of Bhutan promise a biking experience like no other. The stunning views all around, the chilly weather and the shockingly high elevation of these mountain passes in Bhutan have delighted bikers for ages.

Majestic Monasteries

The Buddhist Monasteries located in Bhutan showcase the roots of the country’s culture and tradition. All of them enjoy beautiful locations, some nestling on mountain slopes while others resting on riverbanks. A trip to Bhutan is incomplete without a visit to one of these monasteries.  

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