Popular Destinations in Karnataka


The city of Bangalore, popularly known as 'The Silicon Valley of India', is famous for its beautifully decorated gardens, huge malls, and high-rise buildings.


Since it enjoys a cool climate all year, Chikmagalur is a popular summer destination. It is home to plantations, waterfalls, temples, and national parks.


Home to lush green landscapes, forested hills and sparkling streams in a misty environment, Coorg is an ideal tourist destination for nature lovers.


Because of its calm beaches, stunning landscapes and amazing trekking spots, Gokarna is ideal for a relaxing holiday with your gang of friends.

Hampi - Badami

A trip to Hampi and Badami offers you an opportunity to absorb the beauty of ancient India as you visit historic forts and age-old temples.

Jog falls

The majestic Jog Falls is India's highest plunge waterfall. It is actually a segmented waterfall but during rains, it turns into a plunge waterfall.


With serene beaches, archaic structures and picturesque mountains, Mangalore has everything you would look for in a tourist destination.


Ideal for a family vacation, Mysore is home to the magnificent Mysore palace, the spectacular Brindavan Gardens, and the famous Mysore Zoo.

Things to do in Karnataka


Karnataka offers plenty of cycling tours in its various destinations. Travelers can cycle through hills, forests and even in the city of Bangalore.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Lalbagh is one of Bangalore's most prominent tourist attractions. It features flower shows, interesting structures, and a lush green landscape.

Water Sports

Water sports like rafting, scuba diving, and snorkeling are available in various destinations of Karnataka with Gokarna and Netrani being the most famous.

Our Popular Tours in Karnataka

About Karnataka

The state of Karnataka offers a unique holiday experience since it features a combination of urban attractions, natural beauty as well as artistic culture. Places like Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg have gained international popularity. But there are other small destinations in Karnataka which are often ignored by most travellers. These places can surprise you with the wealth of beauty they possess, leaving you wondering as to why they aren’t as popular as the others.

Glamorous Gardens

The cities of Bangalore and Mysore are home to some of the most beautiful flowering gardens in the country. Lal Bagh and Brindavan Gardens are two among the most famous. These extensive gardens have a wide variety of colourful flowers, lush green landscapes, and wonderful sculptures and figurines.

Nonpareil Nature

Serene beaches, misty hill stations, dense forests, sparkling waterfalls and beautiful plantations are spread across the state of Karnataka. Each of these natural wonders invokes a sense of serenity and the cool climate adds to the beauty of these places.

Fascinating Forts

Places like Hampi and Badami feature beautiful historic forts that take you back in time to absorb the beauty of ancient India. The time travel experience is always a joy. Apart from the forts, you will also find archaic temples which are still of great value to the locals.

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