Popular Destinations in Sikkim


The capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok, is a lively and vibrant hill station. Especially famous in Gangtok is the cable car ride which offers a bird's eye view of the city.

Khangchendzonga National Park

The Khangchendzonga National Park offers amazing opportunities for trekking. It has a rich variety of wildlife including musk deer, snow leopard, and Himalayan Tahr.


The hill station of Lachen has great natural beauty. It offers panoramic views of sparkling streams, magnificent valleys, alpine grasslands, and snow-clad mountains.


Lachung is a scenic mountain village famous for its majestic waterfalls, apple orchards, and snow-capped mountains. It has rich growth of apples, peaches, and apricots.

Nathu La

Nathu La is one of the highest motorable roads in the country. It passes through the serene Tsomgo Lake. The winding road is surrounded by exotic flora.


Because of its picturesque beauty, Pelling is an excellent location for pleasant nature walks and soft treks. It also offers loads of exciting activities and hosts flower festivals.

Thangu Valley

With beautiful rivers and rolling meadows, the Thangu Valley is an ideal location for short treks. It attracts hundreds of adventure travelers every year.

Yumthang Valley

Surrounded by mountains, the Yumthang Valley has hot springs and green meadows. It is also called the 'Valley of Flowers' because of the growth of colorful flowers.


Located in Eastern Sikkim, Zuluk is a quaint village offering a majestic view of the Himalayan mountain range. It is famous for its spectacular winding roads.

Things to do in Sikkim

Hot Springs

Sikkim has many hot springs like the Yumthang Hot Spring and the Reshi Hot Spring. Because of their high sulfur content, the springs have therapeutic value.

River Rafting

The Teesta River in Melli offers white river rafting, attracting a number of adventure seekers. It is one of the most adventurous activities in the state of Sikkim.


The state of Sikkim has a number of mountain peaks, wide valleys, and serene rivers. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for short as well as long treks.

Our Popular Tours in Sikkim

About Sikkim

The land of Sikkim is a paradise for nature lovers. Its spectacular mountain ranges, scenic lakes and rivers, lush green meadows and beautiful flora create picturesque sights that last in your memory for a lifetime. For the adventurers out there, Sikkim offers breathtaking experiences of trekking and river rafting. The cable car ride in Gangtok and the exotic wildlife in the Khangchendzonga National Park are a special treat for kids.

Vibrant Valleys

The vast and verdant valleys of Sikkim offer incredible opportunities for soft and hard treks. Apart from the lush greenery, the valleys are made even more beautiful because of the presence of serene water bodies, colourful flowers and winding roads.

Soothing Springs

The state of Sikkim features many hot springs, among which the Reshi Hot Spring and the Yumthang Hot Spring are especially famous. Make sure to visit at least one of these springs to enjoy a soothing experience. They are said to have great therapeutic value because of their high sulphur content.

Magnificent Mountains

Most destinations in Sikkim offer fabulous views of snow-capped mountains. The mountains are beautifully complemented by the sparkling streams flowing through their slopes. And some of the mountain ranges have alpine grasslands and apple orchards near them, making the view exquisitely delightful.

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