Tamil Nadu

Popular Destinations in Tamil Nadu


The vibrant city of Chennai is home to scenic beaches, historic sites, amusement parks, and cultural centers. It is ideal for a family vacation.


Courtallam, popularly known as 'The spa of South India', is home to majestic waterfalls. The misty hills and lush green vegetation add to its beauty.


Dhanushkodi is a surreal beach destination, popularly called 'Ghost Town'. The archaic structures near the beach make visitors go back in time.


Kanchipuram is a sacred pilgrimage site attracting many Hindu devotees every year. Many important festivals are joyously celebrated in the town.


Located in the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari is known for its picturesque views of the sun rising and setting over the majestic ocean.


Ideal for honeymoon couples, Kodaikanal is a scenic town with crsytal clear lakes, cascading waterfalls, mist-clad hills, and pleasant boating activities.


Madurai is known for its beautifully built temples and colorful festivals. Gandhi Museum and Eco Park are famous tourist attractions in the city.


Ooty is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. The misty hill station has serene lakes, beautiful parks, and spectacular viewpoints.


Popularly known as 'The Europe of India', Pondicherry is famous for its colonial-style buildings, statues and churches. It has parks and museums as well.


Rameswaram is one of the most significant pilgrimage towns in South India. It is home to serene beaches, sacred ponds and prominent temples.


Known for its cultural and religious significance, the town of Thanjavur has temples and relics which have been preserved for many centuries.


Valparai is a extremely pleasant town with streams, valleys, tea gardens and waterfalls. The estate bungalows in Valparai promise an exquisite experience.

Things to do in Tamil Nadu

Cultural & Heritage Sites

Mahabalipuram, Thanjavur, and Nilgiri Mountain Railway are just few of the many world-renowned heritage sites in the state of Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu offers plenty of opportunities for an adventurous trekking experience with friends. Dolphin's Nose and Palani Hills are famous trekking spots.

Our Popular Tours in Tamil Nadu

About Tamil Nadu

The state of Tamil Nadu is known all around the world for its colourful culture and rich tradition. But very few may be aware of the state’s natural beauty. Many are surprised to see the extremely pleasant hill stations and magnificent beaches of Tamil Nadu. But that’s how the state is. It loves to surprise its visitors. The state also features sacred temples which can fascinate any traveller with their architectural beauty.

Happy Honeymoons

Ooty, Kodaikanal and Valparai are ideal honeymoon destinations in the state of Tamil Nadu. The misty weather and spectacular viewpoints of Ooty, the boat rides in the crystal clear lakes of Kodaikanal and the estate bungalows of Valparai make your honeymoon a delightful experience.

Amazing Architecture

Kanchipuram, Madurai, Rameswaram and Thanjavur feature beautifully built temples and pilgrimage sites. The architectural style is simply captivating, something you may not have seen anywhere else in the world. The town of Pondicherry also displays great architecture through its colonial-style buildings and structures.

Spectacular Sunsets

The beaches of Tamil Nadu promise spectacular sunrise and sunset views. The most famous sunset view, however, is the one you get from Kanyakumari. The endless ocean beams in radiance as the orange sun sets on the horizon, making every single person on the beach gaze in amazement.

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