About Us

Our Origins and Story

Welcome to Paper Plane Holidays (PPH), where we are passionate about giving you the intensely personal holiday of your dreams. We cater to a carefully selected group of people who want to see India up, close and personal, and not participate in the usual group tour.

PPH is Team Experience Kerala (EK)’s sister company, and was borne out of our personal stories and experiences. Our inspiration behind starting this organization came from a deep-rooted passion and interest with the Indian subcontinent, and we want to share our own traveling experience in this part of the World with other like-minded travelers who are looking to see the real India and have authentic experiences.

We are therefore much more than just a travel organization that sells the usual travel packages. Each destination listed on this website has been traveled to and experienced firsthand by either one of us or all of us. Our sole aim is to make sure your vacation to these destinations truly a tour of a lifetime. We strive for you to have authentic and personalized experiences during your stay.

We want to share the real India with you, and that is why our area of specialty is pre-selected destinations in the Indian subcontinent.  We pride ourselves on our services and the kind of the experience we give, working hard to ensure that each one of our trip itineraries is impeccably paced and designed to suit your requirements.

Our unique selling point and what separates us from other travel companies is our personalized approach, as well as our capability to arrange one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients. We are known for our excellent customer service and deep knowledge in the industry, taking the time to hear you out and plan an itinerary based on your interests and personal tastes.

Whether you are interested in wildlife, history, culture, trekking, food, landscapes, archeology, or you simply need to unwind on a picturesque beach, Paper Plane Holidays will design the perfect getaway for you. The world’s diversity is waiting to be discovered and we look forward to sharing our experience, learning, and enthusiasm and plan your perfect trip.

How we operate

Because we only offer completely customized trips and bespoke private holidays rather than group tours, we will discuss your itinerary with you in detail so that we have an idea of what you are hoping to experience.

To provide a powerfully personal travel experience, we will ask you to share your interests, requirements, and expectations in detail. If you don’t have much time on your hand, you may choose any one of the packages listed on the website with minimum customization. To help you make your decision in such a case like this, the activities and accommodations listed on our website are hand-picked and top-rated among travelers.

Our aim is to fit all your requirements professionally on a trip and we wish to be known as Professionally Personal! No matter what kind of trip it is, we want to ensure that you have the most unforgettable and pleasant experience possible.

We don't believe in star ratings alone and strive to offer each of our guests an authentic and personal experience, assisting them to explore the local life and natural beauty of India.

Please understand that we also have a very limited number of select chauffeurs and thus might not be able to accommodate every booking. We believe in offering quality services rather than quantity.

A PPH trip is designed to be an extraordinary one, and we are interested in blowing your mind, one trip at a time.

Let’s get you started, shall we?

Simply get in touch with us to have us design your unique trip.


Each destination listed on this website has been traveled to and experienced firsthand by either one of us or all of us. This means that our top-notch services are powered solely by experienced travel professionals, and this makes Paper Plane Holidays a great partner for all your travel needs.

Our exceptionally committed, collaborative and passionate team is made up of the following persons:

  1. Ray Thomas – Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer: Ray is the mentor and guide for PaperPlane Holidays. Being a hardcore traveler for several years, Ray is the fount of all knowledge about travel, and he lives and breathes Travel. He has traveled throughout the subcontinent many times and has immense experience in the industry.
  2. Jose Nibin Uthup – Vastly experienced in the Hospitality Industry: Prior to joining PaperPlane Holidays, Jose ran his own boutique cafe and food joint in Bangalore but has always had a wanderlust for traveling. This is why he chose to be a part of PaperPlane Holidays. Now, he has a forum through which he can share his experience with fellow travelers.
  3. Tony Joy Joseph – Mechanical Engineer: Tony who previously served as Project Engineer in Saudi Arabia, was a passionate traveler during his college days, and still made sure to find the time to travel across Saudi Arabia whenever he got time off from his busy work schedule. He is now resigned, driven by his passion for traveling, and he is back in India to follow his dreams.
  4. Saniza N S – Commerce Graduate: Having worked several years in the Experience Kerala Company, Saniza knows a thing or two about tours and is a highly experienced property specialist. She has been associated with EK since the beginning.

Our founders

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