Privacy Policy

The website the is operated and managed by Paperplane Holidays. We’d like to keep you informed that our company uses the data you provide to improve the quality of our services. When you use our website, we understand that you have given us permission not only to collect but also to use your data. But all the data will be used only in accordance with our policies. Continue reading to know about our Privacy Policy.

What data do we collect?

We collect 3 types of data and use it for different purposes

  1. Personal Data
  2. Usage Data
  3. Tracking and Cookies Data
  1. Personal Data

To be able to identify the user, we might ask him to fill in some personal information like Name, Email Address, Phone Number and other similar data. 

  1. Usage Data

Usage data includes information like your computer’s IP Address, Browser Type and Browser Version. Other information like “Pages you Visit”, “Time and Date of Visit”, “Duration of Visit”, “Type of Device” are also collected along with other diagnostic data.

  1. Tracking and Cookies Data.

By means of tracking software and cookies, we track the user’s activity on our website. The user can decide if he wants to block cookies. When he does so, he may not get access to few of the services on our website. Some users accept cookies but choose the option of receiving an indication each time a cookie is being used by the website.

Why do we use your data?

We use your data for 7 major reasons

  1. For the smooth maintenance and operation of our website
  2. For the improvement of our customer care service
  3. For keeping a check on an technical issues that may arise
  4. For regularly monitoring the usage of our website
  5. For gathering necessary inputs so that we can improve our website
  6. For the user to be notified about any changes to our website
  7. For the user to access and use the interactive features of our website

The cookies we use include

Session Cookies – For the smooth operation of our website

Preference Cookies – For us to remember your preferences and settings to make it easier for you to use our website

Security Cookies – For us to ensure the security of our website and the user.

Is your data transferred?

All the data we receive is processed in India. So only if the user lives outside India, his data has to be transferred to India. When you provide your personal information and click on submit, it automatically means that you grant us permission for transferring the data. Please note that data protection laws differ from one country to another.

But please rest assured that Paperplane Holidays will ensure the safety of your data by taking all the needed steps. No organisation will get access to your data if it does not follow the protocols of data security.

When do we disclose your data?

Paperplane Holiday discloses your data only in the following scenarios

  1. When disclosing your data becomes a legal obligation
  2. When we need to defend our rights
  3. When we need to intercept any sort of violations
  4. When we need protection against legal liability

Things to note about data security

As mentioned earlier, Paperplane Holidays takes every single step necessary in order to keep your data secure. But please be informed that any kind of online transfer or storage is never a 100% secure. For this very reason, we cannot promise absolute security.

  • Third-Party Companies and Websites

We employ third-party companies to help us make our website easier to access and use. They might respond to the user’s needs, operate the website and also help us better analyse the website’s usage. Since they play a major role in the operation of our website, they are given access to the data you provide. But please be assured that they are under legal obligation not to disclose your data. If they do, they are punishable under the law. “Google Analytics” is one significant third-party company we use for the analysis of data.

Our website may feature links to other websites which are not under our control. When the user clicks on any such link, he is automatically directed to those web pages. But we strongly recommend, that if you happen to browse those websites, please make sure to check their privacy policy. We do not possess any control over the operations of those websites. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the content, policies and activities of those websites.

  • Children's Privacy

Under no circumstances will our website cater to anyone who is under 18 years of age. WE DO NOT COLLECT DATA FROM MINORS. If the parent or guardian comes to know that the minor has provided personal information, they are requested to contact us immediately so that we can delete the information off the internet as soon as possible.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

In order to make our website more user-friendly and to keep up-to-date with new internet policies, we might update our privacy policy from time to time. Do ensure to periodically check the privacy policy. Any changes to the privacy policy are posted online and are effective immediately.

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